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Some of my Favorite Wilderness Movies

James Neill
Last updated:
21 Sep 2003

  • Anybody interested in understanding the human psyche's fear of the mysterious outdoors, really has to see and/or read "Deliverance".  Be warned, its rated R and still packs a punch to this day.  However, book by James Dickey is even better, especially the free climbing scene when the main character tries to get out of the gorge.

  • My 3 year old loves "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest" - as a parent, I've found this movie and "Ferngully #2" fascinating to see ways in which the wilderness, nature, and human destruction of nature, are presented in cartoons.

  • Who remembers "Gentle Ben"? - a classic series of boy meets wild nature and learns to understand and respect its power and compassion.

  • One of favorite shows as a kid was "Skippy" - it was the Australian equivalent of "Gentle Ben"; boy whose father is a park ranger befriends a kangaroo and together they get up to all sorts of mischief and adventures, including battling bush fires and criminals.

  • "River Wild" with Meryl Streep is not all that good.  Its a bad remake of "Deliverance", so the special effects are better, but the story no-where near as captivating.  Too clichéd.

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  • What are your favorite "Wilderness Movies"?