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``I started with the universe--as an organization of energy systems of which all our experiences and possible experiences are only local instances. I could have ended up with a pair of flying slippers.''


"I happen to have been born at the special moment in history in which for the first time there exists enough experience-won and experiment-verified information current in humanity's spontaneous conceptioning and reasoning for all humanity to carry on in a far more intelligent way than ever before. 


I then said, "I see the hydrogen atom doesn't have to earn a living before behaving like a hydrogen atom. In fact, as best I can see, only human beings operate on the basis of 'having to earn a living.' The concept is one introduction into social conventions only by the temporal power structure's dictums of the ages. If I am doing what God's evolutionary strategy needs to have accomplished, I need spend no further time worrying about such matters." 


We can live handsomely using only daily income of the Sun's and gravity's multi-way-intergenerated energies. 

- R. Buckminster Fuller


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