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List of technical tasks

  1. Install Extension:Cite/Cite.php <ref></ref> extension
  2. Fix Template:Projectbox, Template:25%done etc.
  3. Check optimal server environment settings with webhost
    1. mw:Safe mode (images not being resized or thumbnailing properly - see Sandbox)
    2. Thumbnailing
    3. Increase maximum file size
  4. Expand permitted file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg:
    1. ".pdf" is not a permitted file type.
  5. Add float-over descriptions for sidebar
  6. mw:User:Jtneill/Extensions


  1. Interwiki links
  2. Sub-page linking didn't work e.g., /Test - fixed: mw:Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages
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