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Rosa bansiae (Banksia Rose)



  1. Plant on a strong fence or pergola.[1]
  2. As a mature plant will reach 10m (30ft) and as wide. Prefers full sun in a good, well-drained soil.[2]



  1. Cuttings of half-ripe wood with a heel in a shaded frame (or cover with plastic bags). Overwinter (or 4-6 weeks) the plants in the frame. Plant out in late spring (watch out for frost). Take cuttings of mature wood of the current season's growth. Select pencil thick shoots in early autumn that are about 20 - 25cm long and plant them in a sheltered position outdoors or in a cold frame. The cuttings can take 12 months to establish but a high percentage of them normally succeed. Rosa banksiae


  1. Division of suckers in the dormant season. Plant them out direct into their permanent positions. Rosa banksiae


  1. Takes 12 months.Rosa banksiae

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