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Lamb's quarters (Chenopodium album or Goosefoot)



  1. Wild spinach
  2. The leaves and stems are edible, with a flavor that can be compared to spinach or chard with an earthy, mineral rich taste.
  3. Young leaves and smaller stems can also be eaten raw. Older leaves and stems can be cooked - e.g., substitute lamb's quarter for spinach e.g., in stir fry.
  4. To harvest cut or snap off the youngest and best looking branches from the top and sides of the plant.
  5. Can eat seeds


  1. Tall, upright weed, up to 4ft high
  2. Bunches of branches forming on a central, angular (squarish) stem (branches like a tree)
  3. Alternate leaves
  4. The leaves can have a white, pollen-looking substance on the bottom of the leaves
  5. No odour


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  1. Lamb's quarter (wildmanstevebirrill)
  2. Lamb's quarter (

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