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Common name

  • Spiny-headed Mat Rush


  • 0.5 - 1.0m W / 0.5 - 1.0m high
  • Often used by councils and businesses in Australia as a median-strip or border plant


  • Highly drought-tolerant
  • Can also can tolerate occasional flooding
  • Withstands low temperature down to -7°C
  • Succeeds in moist soil in Australia.
  • Can die back when it is in a wet winter
  • Does it survive well in areas with cooler summers.


  • By seed:
    • When the fruits are matured and turn brown, sow the seed in moist soil for 6 weeks in the greenhouse/outdoor.
  • By clump division:
    • Dividing the plant into half and plant in moist soil indoor/outdoor.


  • Nets/baskets:
    • Aboriginal people use the leaves to make strong nets and baskets.
  • Food:
    • Aboriginal people consume the base leaves as food.

Current stock

  • ACT local seedlings (2) purchased Sept 2010
  • ACT local seedlings (2?) purchased and divided into 4? March? 2011
  • Seeds from around ACT (30) collected March 2011


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