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Kunzea pomifera (Muntries)


  1. Also known as Emu Apples or Native Cranberry.
  2. Australian native
  3. Dense, weed suppressing groundcover to 1m
  4. Produces delicious fruit that taste like apples.
  5. Grows naturally around Western Victoria and Eastern South Australia.
  6. Likes light, free draining soils and likes temperate conditions.
  7. Naturally prostrate but can be trellised into an upright shrub for easy harvesting.


  1. Grows naturally on 500-800 mm annually, so doesn't need much additional watering, but do not allow prolonged dry periods
  2. Prune in winter
  3. Avoid overwatering in Spring to promote flowering
  4. Then may needs some water to promote fruit setting


  1. Typically grown from cutting but can be grown from seed

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