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  • A fun competitive game between two teams.
  • Game play is like baseball except using a soccerball and using kicking or throwing, with some cricket-type rules.
  • Time: ~30 mins. (min. 15 up to 60 mins or longer).


  • 4+ Bases - could be anything e.g., towels, or mats, or any other flat marker.
  • A soccer-ish ball - anything that be kicked around
  • A set of cricket stumps (or anything that serve as a hittable target for the "batter" to defend


  • Divide the group into two teams - e.g., ~6 to 8, but if you're creative, you can play with as few as 3 per team.
  • It's better to run separate smaller games than one large game, so that each participant is actively involved.
  • Set-up the markers in a diamond like baseball, except you can include as many bases as you want. And you can be creative with positioning - e.g., make a crazier path than a diamond. And the home base can in a different place to where the "batters" stand. Also put a marker for the pitcher's mound.
  • The batting team stands off the field of play (note: there is no foul area)
  • The first batter goes up to defend the stumps; the pitcher can roll the soccer ball at the stumps or kick it at the stumps
  • The batter can kick the ball anywhere, then run for the first base.
  • The fielders can throw or kick the ball.
  • Running for bases is as for baseball - run as many as you want until you get home, rest on a base, but you are out if you are not on a base you are going far and a fielder there has the ball - or if you are tagged by a fielder with a ball
  • Batters can be out be being caught, bowled, or run out
  • If the batter doesn't hit the ball and the ball missed the stumps, then another pitch is given
  • There is only one innings each and ease batter bats once. Count the home runs, then the other team bats.


Dary Leys, aged 9, taughts us this one. His school teachers taught him.

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