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You are deemed to have accepted these conditions if you copy, modify or distribute the research instrumentation and/or associated documentation and materials (including instructions, templates for data entry, code for statistical analysis, sample reports, etc.) in a way requiring permission under copyright law.

These materials are shared in good faith, at no cost, and in the spirit of open source publication. The intent is to follow the principles of copyleft and thus these materials are dual licensed and distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License] (GFDL) and the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-by-A) licenses (see details: Copyright), with the addition of the following specific conditions:

  1. Alteration/Modification: No alterations of the distributed instrument(s) are to be undertaken without the permission of the author(s). The intent here is not to restrict use, adaptation and development, but rather is to help ensure reliable and valid application of the distributed instrumentation. What this condition seeks to prevent is the scenario in which some of the items in an instrument are tampered with, but that the instrument's name and identity is kept the same. It should be noted that permission is granted to create derivative instruments, provided they are given a different name, they acknowledge the source of the intellectual property, and that they are themselves further distributed under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License or Creative Commons Attribution licenses.
  2. Ethical Usage: Use of the instrument should be undertaken in accordance with relevant human ethics research policies (e.g., informed consent, protection of privacy).
  3. Contribution: A copy of any data sets collected using the distributed instrumentation is to be provided on the open web and/or emailed to the instrument author(s) for possible inclusion in a cumulative database. This database is used to further the psychometric analysis and development of the instrument and for overall analysis of intervention program effectiveness and outcomes. Before being sent, supplied data sets should be stripped of personally and organisationally identifying information. No identifying information would ever be reported about your dataset(s) without permission. Acknowledgement of your contribution would be included in a general manner in any publications or distributions of the database. Access to the database is currently available by emailing a request to James Neill, however the intention is to put the data on the open web.
  4. Translation: Distributed instrumentation and documents may be translated without permission. Translated versions are to be considered new versions unless there is a validation process (including back-translation) conducted in conjunction with the material's author(s).
  5. Notification: Whilst not a condition of use, it is strongly recommend that potential users email either the LEQ discussion group or James Neill with a description of the intended use(s) and any specific questions.
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