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'Stella' and 'Lapins' Multigrafted Cherry

Prunus avium A small to medium sized, deciduous tree grown for sweet, succulent Summer fruit.

Features: Both 'Stella' and 'Lapins' are self-fertile and both show resistance to fruit splitting, which makes them an ideal home garden variety.

'Stella' has large, almost black fruit with firm, juicy flesh, which usually ripens in mid-December. It produces fruit at a young age and is a very heavy cropper.

'Lapins' has large, round fruit with dark red skin and firm, sweet, red flesh, which generally ripens in late December.

Conditions: Prefers a sunny site with moist, free-draining soil. Requires cool winters and does best when sheltered from Spring squalls that may strip blossom.

For best results: Enrich soil with well-rotted compost and mulch well, keeping mulch clear of the trunk. Water deeply in dry periods. Prune in Autumn if required.

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