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(Recommended resources: * [ #programevaluation] - jtneill's bookmarks on delicious])
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* [ The Evaluation Center]
* [ The Evaluation Center]
* [ Online Evaluation Resource Library]
* [ Online Evaluation Resource Library]
* [ #programevaluation] - jtneill's bookmarks on delicious]

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Program evaluation in outdoor education, adventure education, & other experiential intervention programs

Starting points

Recommended resources


Gass, M., & Neill, J. T. (2001). Introduction to program evaluation. Presentation to the 29th Annual International Conference of the Association for Experiential Education, 2 November.

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Watters, R. (1988). Benefit cost analysis of non-commercial outdoor programs. In Proceedings of the 1986 Conference on Outdoor Recreation.

Watters, R. (1991). Cost benefit analysis of recreation programs for the disabled. Idaho State University Outdoor Program, Pocatello, ID.

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