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Common name

  • Common name: Tassel Sedge
  • Scientific name: Carex fascicularis


  • Australian native.
  • Clumping light green plant for wet areas.
  • Hardy to cold. Frost tolerant.
  • Sun or Shade.
  • A slowly spreading graceful tussock 0.5-1m tall which is very decorative when in flower or fruit Oct-Dec.
  • Produces flowers and fruits during a very brief month (Oct-Dec) and then all signs of the infloresence fall away, leaving it in a state that can not be clearly identified for much of the year.
  • Its stem is triangular in section and the leaves retain the distinct fold down their centre where they wrapped around the stem. Leaves are also quite sharp along the edges.
  • 10cm to damp soil.


  • Grows Australia wide in swampy areas; widespread on coast and tablelands. Rare in Central Australia where it is restricted to waterhole fringes.


  • Attractive pond edge plant.
  • Can be planted around the edges of ponds or dams where the roots are wet.


  • Divide clumps regularly.
  • From seed.



  1. Tassel Sedge (Carex fascicularis)
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