Neill 2010 Program evaluation and outdoor education: An overview

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This is a resource page for a presentation by James Neill to the 16th National Outdoor Education Conference, Notre Dame University, Fremantle, Western Australia, January 10-13, 2010.

This session explored ways to approach program evaluation in the context of outdoor education and related group-based experiential programs.



This session discussed program evaluation in outdoor education. What is it? Why do it? What methods are there? How can data be analysed? How can results be used? We will consider several example program evaluation studies and available tools and resources. There will also be opportunity to workshop your own program evaluation needs.

Topics audience want covered

An audience of approximately 40 people were asked at the start of the session what questions they had about program that they hoped might be addressed in this session.

  1. When is it appropriate to have an evaluation?
  2. How do we get good info from small programs?
  3. How do measure transfer over time?
  4. Is it useful to acccumulate data over time?
  5. Is it useful to collect data from past participants?
  6. How do we use evaluation/research to justify/accountability for programs?
  7. What ways can evaluation info be presented?
  8. How can it be done efficiently?

These questions guided the way in which these presentation slides were discussed.

We also "fishbowled" audience program evaluation scenarios and discussed issues, questions, and opportunities and ways forward.

To do

  1. Upload and sync audio
  2. Upload case study

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