Neill 2010 Outdoor education theories: A review and synthesis

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Outdoor education theories:
A review and synthesis

James Neill

A presentation to the
2010 Outdoor Recreation Industry Council Annual Conference (ORIC),
Novotel Hotel, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia,
August 21-22, 2010

This 50-minute keynote will summarise and review outdoor education theory to date
and then propose a dynamic model to synthesise the main theoretical elements.

This proposal is in development



Outdoor education theories are rich and diverse, but they are also ad hoc and lacking in cohesion. This presentation will critically review major outdoor education theories to date. It will sugggest a dynamic synthesis, using a systems theory approach. This proposed model combines Deweyian theory about experiential education with seven domains of outdoor education: individual, group, facilitator, environment, program, activities, and culture. Practical and theoretical applications will be suggested.

Session overview

This session will: TBA

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