16th National Outdoor Education Conference

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James Neill is presenting two sessions at the 16th National Outdoor Education Conference, January 10-13, 2010

Concurrent workshop sessions which I've selected to attend:

  1. Session B1 - Peter Kellett ‘Incorporating Indigenous Cultural Knowledge Into Tertiary Outdoor

Education' (45min)

  1. Session B2 - Scott Polley ‘Indigenising Tertiary Outdoor Education Curriculum - First Steps on a

Long Journey’ (45min)

  1. Session C1 - Kathy Mann ‘How Can Outdoor Education Contribute More to Healthy Living?' (45min)
  2. Session C4 - James Neill ‘Program evaluation and outdoor education: An overview' (45min)
  3. Session D5 - Mike Brown ‘Transfer: In Search of the Holy Grail. Myth or Reality – or Somewhere Inbetween?' (90min)
  4. Session E4 - James Neill ‘Technology and Outdoor Education: Some Experiential Possibilities’ (90min)
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