Thomas Watercrag
strange wanderer in times of upheaval


Chucking out agendas & thriving again

Walk into the woods.
 Keep walking. Walk off tracks.
 Do not plan where you are going.
 Take whatever directions appeal in the moment.
Keep walking.
 When (without realizing) you are lost, look into the eyes of the dragon,
 then your adventure begins.


Families are a hot-bed for the growth of psychoses.
 Generations replicate and mutate iterations of psychological malformation.
 We stumble, at 15 or 17 or 19 or 21, from this hell-horror
 into the frightening world at odds with itself and nature,
our psychoses half-cocked and then manifest them,
 spreading our roots,
 sucking up the rich and twisted juices of post-modern civilization.

 Described thus,
 the challenge is to know oneself irrationally through psychosis,
 somehow harnessing the crazy chariots of hope and vision,
 riding spirals through to delerium,
 standing atop the peaks of life looking upon earth from a distance,
seeing one’s oh-so-small-oh-so-seemingly-important life
 as a dew-drop in the momentous storm.

- Thomas Watercrag