"If these people were on the skyline, and kept their eyes open, they would see the things that the giant could see."
- Benton MacKaye, 1921

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About the Appalachian Trail


For more information about the Appalachian Trail there is a homepage at: http://www.fred.net/kathy/at.html,
also see Cloudwalker's Appalachian Trail page.


For a brief history of the trail (MacKaye and beyond) - GeorgiaTrails


Facts & history - Cloudwalker's Appalachian Trail Page with links to history and info about how to do the trail


Planning for the Appalachian Trail - some wisdom in here from someone who has done it 10 times!


For the north-east section of the trail, an excellent site is provided by the Appalachian Mountain Club: http://www.outdoors.org/


Lots of links & interesting stuff about the AT - Geographical stuff - outdated though


More links - peak to peak - http://www.peaktopeak.net/app.html


About Benton Mackaye

For biographical information on MacKaye, see this article on the ATC page.


For more on MacKaye's personal background, see box on http://www.appalachiantrail.org/about/pdfs/TYbuild.pdf


A 64-page special section from the July/August 2000 Appalachian Trailway News that includes never-before-published photographs and fresh insights into the lives of Myron H. Avery and Benton MacKaye. You can download or view articles in PDF format or purchase a special limited printing.  There is also a biography of Benton MacKaye by Larry Anderson due for publication in 2002 by Johns Hopkins University Press.


MacKaye, B. (1921).  An Appalachian Trail: A Project in Regional Planning. Journal of the American Institute of Architects, October.  http://www.fred.net/kathy/at/MacKaye.html or http://www.appalachiantrail.org/about/pdfs/MacKaye.pdf


King, B. B. (2000). The era of trailbuilding.  Appalachian Trailway News, July,  http://www.appalachiantrail.org/about/pdfs/TYbuild.pdf 


Appendix (from http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0830958.html


MacKaye, Benton , 18791975, American forester and regional planner, b. Stamford, Conn., grad. Harvard (B.A., 1900; M.A. School of Forestry, 1905); son of Steele MacKaye. He was a research forester of the U.S. Forest Service; he planned and helped in the construction of the Appalachian Trail (1921) and served on the regional planning staff of the Tennessee Valley Authority (193436) and on the staff of the Rural Electrification Administration (194245). MacKaye's philosophy of regional planning is given in The New Exploration (1928).