"If these people were on the skyline, and kept their eyes open, they would see the things that the giant could see."
- Benton MacKaye, 1921

Future Needs & Vision


James Neill, 2003

Trails such as the Appalachian Trail need to be understood as being intimately connected with the geography of the continent, the development of Western civilization, as having a social history and vision, and being made available through the contributions of many, and requiring the care and stewardship of all who pass through. 


What's more, if the full power of the vision and the trail is to be realized, more than Leave No Trace needs to be practiced.  This is a dull, recreation-user approach.  A trace should be left.  The trace should be the highway of natural experience uncovered in the hearts and minds of those who take a break from the constant, absorbing trials and tribulations of industrialized, 21st century society, and engage in a way of living for a time which is far closer to the ways in which the human species evolved for millions of years.