LEQ-H Items by Factor

Time Management (TM)

01. I plan and use my time efficiently.

09. I do not waste time.

17. I manage the way I use my time well.

Social Competence (SO)

02. I am successful in social situations.

10. I am competent in social situations.

18. I communicate well with people.

Achievement Motivation (AM)

03. When working on a project, I do my best to get the details right.

11. I try to get the best results when I do things.

19. I try to do the best that I possibly can.

Intellectual Flexibility (IF)

04. I change my thinking or opinions easily if there is a better idea.

12. I am open to new ideas.

20. I am adaptable and flexible in my thinking and ideas.

Task Leadership (TL)

05. I can get people to work for me.

13. I am a good leader when a task needs to be done.

21. As a leader I motivate other people well when a task needs to be done.

Emotional Control (EC)

06. I can stay calm in stressful situations.

14. I stay calm and overcome anxiety in new or changing situations.

24. I stay calm when things go wrong.

Active Initiative (AI)

07. I like to be busy and actively involved in things.

15. I like to be active and energetic.

23. I like to be an active 'get into it' person.

Self Confidence (SC)

08. I know I have the ability to do anything I want to do.

16. When I apply myself to something I am confident I will succeed.

24. I believe I can do it.

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