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Who Uses the the Life Effectiveness Questionnaire?

James Neill
Last updated:
15 Dec 2003


Any intervention program or process which aims to influence some or all of the typical personal development outcomes the 9 factors measured by the LEQ could consider using the instrument.  The LEQ has typically been used to measure the short- and longer-term effects of intensive personal development programs, such as outdoor education programs, with normal adolescents or adults.

Sometimes I receive emails from people clearly in quick search of an instrument to solve their evaluation problems and sometimes these folks are trying to fit a round peg into a square hold.  I strongly encourage people to closely examine the match between the programs goals and the LEQ factors to help determine if its an appropriate instrument.

Also consider that the validity of self-report instruments is diminished to the extent that participants do not have reasonable self-insight and honesty in their self-reporting. 

Finally, bear in mind that the instrument was originally developed with adults and whilst adaptations to wording and the number of items have been made to adolescent populations, and good psychometrics found, use of the LEQ with children younger than 12 years or with participants with developmental or reading problems, has not been widely tested.