Life Effectiveness Questionnaire

Sample Items & Rating Scale for the Life Effectiveness Questionnaire (LEQ)

James Neill
Last updated:
30 Jan 2006


The LEQ Rating Scale

The LEQ uses an 8-point Likert rating scale, as follows:


Not Like Me



Like Me

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
This statement doesn't describe me at all; it isn't like me at all More false than true More true than false This statement describes me very well; it is very much like me

LEQ: Example Items

LEQ Factor

Example item

Time Management

I manage the way I use my time well.

Social Competence

I am successful in social situations.

Achievement Motivation

I try to do the best that I possibly can.

Intellectual Flexibility

I am open to new ideas.

Task Leadership

I am a good leader when a task needs to be done.

Emotional Control

I stay calm when things go wrong.

Active Initiative

I like to be an active, ‘get into it’ person.

Self Confidence

I believe I can do it.

Locus of Control

I believe I am responsible for all my actions.