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Psychometrics  of the
Life Effectiveness Questionnaire (LEQ)

James Neill
Last updated:
14 Dec 2003

Psychometrics of the LEQ

The LEQ has been developed over a period of 15 years, tested on approximately 5000 individuals, and has undergone appropriate 7 major iterations, each involving the use of factor analysis or confirmatory factor analysis.  As a result, several purported factors (e.g., Productive Teamwork and Hardiness Resourcefulness) have been eliminated or adjusted in order to build an instrument with identifiable factors, with good internal consistency, and with a stable factorial structure for both males and females and for both adolescents and adults. 

The LEQ has shown good predictive validity in that programs which aim to change particular factors have exhibited predictable effects using the LEQ. 

Currently lacking is the demonstration of concurrent validity with other recognized measures of similar constructs.  If you wish to read more about the current psychometric development of the LEQ, then download this paper:

Neill, J. T., Marsh, H. W., & Richards, G. E. (in preparation). The Life Effectiveness Questionnaire: Development and psychometrics.  Sydney: University of Western Sydney.