Life Effectiveness Questionnaire

Entering Your Life Effectiveness Questionnaire Data

James Neill
Last updated:
30 Jan 2006

Entering Your LEQ Data

There are several ways to enter LEQ data into a spreadsheet or database in order to conduct data analysis.  Both MS EXCEL (.xls) and SPSS (.sav) formats can be exported to and/or read by virtually all other spreadsheet programs.


Microsoft Excel




Data Entry Tips

  1. Enter all the data for one person in one row.  This should include basic demographic data (age, gender), course and group information, then each person's responses to each the LEQ items on up to 4 occasions:

    • Time 0: Pre-course, collected prior to the start

    • Time 1: 1st day

    • Time 2: Last day

    • Time 3: Followup

  2. Put all data from different groups and courses into one spreadsheet

  3. To indicate missing data, leave cells blank.