Life Effectiveness Questionnaire

Creating Composite Life Effectiveness Questionnaire Scores

James Neill
Last updated:
30 Jan 2006

Creating LEQ Composite Scores

A composite score (sometimes called a scale score of a factor score) is created for each participant by combining (e.g., by averaging) their responses for the items which belong to each factor, at each time.  This is best done using software as suggested in analyzing LEQ data

It is useful, however, to understand the structure of the questionnaire.  The LEQ-H has 24-items which relate to 8 factors.

List of the LEQ-H Items by Factor


1. I plan and use my time efficiently.
9. I do not waste time.
17. I manage the way I use my time well.


2. I am successful in social situations.
10. I am competent in social situations.
18. I communicate well with people.


3. When working on a project, I do my best to get the details right.
11. I try to get the best results when I do things.
19. I try to do the best that I possibly can.


4. I change my thinking or opinions easily if there is a better idea.
12. I am open to new ideas.
20. I am adaptable and flexible in my thinking and ideas.


5. I can get people to work for me.
13. I am a good leader when a task needs to be done.
21. As a leader I motivate other people well when a task needs to be done.


6. I can stay calm in stressful situations.
14. I stay calm and overcome anxiety in new or changing situations.
24. I stay calm when things go wrong.


7. I like to be busy and actively involved in things.
15. I like to be active and energetic.
23. I like to be an active 'get into it' person.


8. I know I have the ability to do anything I want to do.
16. When I apply myself to something I am confident I will succeed.
24. I believe I can do it.