Life Effectiveness Questionnaire

Analyzing Your Life Effectiveness Questionnaire Data

James Neill
Last updated:
24 Feb 2007

Analyzing your LEQ data

There are several options for analyzing your data, however, none are foolproof and all take some initiative and effort on your part.  The first step in each case is entering the data.

  1. Auto-calculation Spreadsheet - This allows you to enter your data and get automatic results and graphs.

  2. Microsoft EXCEL - Use the available MS Excel data entry templates.  You can then analyze the data yourself in EXCEL, however, this option requires you to write your formulae.

  3. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).  This option best suits those who have access and are familiar with SPSS.  Enter data into either the Excel or SPSS data entry templates and then run the relevant SPSS Syntax files.  The output file should produce composite scores, descriptive statistics, effect sizes, and confidence intervals for changes in LEQ factors over time.  Of course, you can also conduct your own analyzes.

  4. A commercially available automated data-entry and report generation using MS Access has been developed by Karim Haddad (Forecast Systems).  The system can create pre-formatted reports on short-term outcomes in terms of effect sizes, broken down by group.

  5. If you want help or advice regarding analysis of your data, contact the eGroup or James Neill.

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