Tools & Instruments

Online Research Tools
for research & evaluation of intervention programs

James Neill
Last updated:
30 May 2006


Online Research Tools

Creating Online Questionnaires

  • Mister Poll - Simple, works, free.  Create multiple choice questions and get live polling results.

  • Web Online Surveys - Professional.  Free trials for up to 15 respondents, or 250 respondents for students, teachers, charities.  Get results in Excel or other formats.

Conducting Online Research

  • When done right, internet research yields rewards
    Studies conducted online can be valuable and scientifically sound when unique ethical and research concerns are considered. (American Psychological Association Monitor, February, 2004)

  • A web of research
    Discusses the advantages and disadvantages that a number of psychologists face when using the Web to run studies and experiments.(American Psychological Association Monitor, April, 2000)
  • Psychology & the WWW world
    This is the challenge to psychology -- to seize the opportunity to bring attention to the importance of the behavior and social sciences in developing an information and knowledge society to serve us well. (American Psychological Association Monitor, February, 2004)
  • Online experiments: Ethically fair or foul?
    Why researchers are facing new ethical challenges as they conduct experiments on the World Wide Web. (American Psychological Association Monitor, April, 2000)

  • One psychology project, three states
    Discusses how Internet-based research projects link students from across the country with one goal in mind--effective Internet communication and collaboration skills. (American Psychological Association Monitor, April, 2000)

  • National Institutes of Health's Office for Protection from Research Risks (OPRR) guidelines for IRBs that review studies conducted on the Internet.