Team Building

Team Building Basics
A Guide to Getting Going in the World of Team Building

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What Does Your Team Look Like?

Team Building Basics

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

- Henry Ford
Team Building Quotes
  • A team is a group of people who come together temporarily to achieve a purpose. 
  • There is no magic formula for "building a team". 
  • Teams are organic - they grow and change.
  • By studying how individuals, groups and teams work you will enhance your capability of helping teams learn how to work together effectively.
  • Improving teams usually requires a combination of improving work skills, understanding of others, communication and negotiation skills, and problem solving skills.  Experiential learning offers a rich framework and methodology for real-life and real-situation development of team work.
  • Team building is not easy, but there are several techniques, principles and methods which can make a real difference, including:,
  • Team building is tied to personal development -- team development requires members individual team members to grow and develop -- as an individual's personal growth unfolds, so too does their capacity to participate in and thrive in group situations.
  • The closer the correspondence between team goals and individual goals, the greater the sum of individual motivations for succeeding together.  (Check out Field Theory by Kurt Lewin, also Buckminster Fuller)
  • Group dynamics are the unseen psycho-social forces that operate amongst groups of people.  Team dynamics are the cocktail of interpersonal chemistry which, if effectively harnessed, can provide considerable power for reaching collective goals.
  • Group dynamics can be brazenly characterised as explosively positive, dull/neutral, or explosively negative.  So watch out if you're going to tinker with groups -- anything can and usually does happen.  The more experience you have the better, but experience is no cause for complacency or conceit, since every group situation is unique.