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Kurt Hahn
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Seven Laws of Salem
- Kurt Hahn

James Neill
Last updated:
30 Aug 2004


  1. Give children the opportunity for self-discovery.
    [Give them a chance to discover themselves.]

  2. Make the children meet with triumph and defeat.
    [See to it that they experience both success and defeat.]

  3. Give the children the opportunity of self-effacement in the common cause.
    [See to it that they have the chance to forget themselves in the pursuit of a common cause.]

  4. Provide periods of silence.
    [See to it that there are periods of silence.]

  5. Train the imagination.
    [Train the imagination, the ability to participate and plan.]

  6. Make games important but not predominant.
    [Take sports and games seriously, but only as part of the whole.]

  7. Free the sons of the wealthy and powerful from the enervating sense of privilege.
    [Free them of the rich and influential parents and from the paralysing influence of wealth and privelege.]