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What is a Low Ropes Challenge Course?

James Neill
Last updated:
30 Nov 2004

What is a Low Ropes Challenge Course?

Low Ropes Challenge Activity
"Low" challenge
 ropes course activity

Low Ropes activities often challenge physical agility, group cooperation, and problem solving skills both individually and as group. 

Some "low ropes" activities use portable props, others use fixed props, and use no props at all, although these activities are often called "group activities, games, or initiatives".

Some low ropes equipment is basically like what you can in kids playgrounds, except it is purpose built with specific group exercises in mind (as opposed to individual, unsupervised freeplay). 

Low Ropes activities usually take place below 2 meters in height.  Thus, no belay is needed, but many activities do involve "spotting" (using people with arms out to catch).

Generally speaking low ropes activities involve traversing a distance using limited available resources, e.g., jumping across stepping stones or walking on a tight wire whilst holding onto a rope tied at one end to a tree (Tension Traverse).