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What is a High Ropes Challenge Course?

James Neill
Last updated:
30 Nov 2004

What is a High Ropes Challenge Course?

High Ropes Challenge Activity
"High" challenge
 ropes course activity

High Ropes activities are usually challenging physical agility exercises which take place above 2m and involve some form of belay or safety rope.

Many High Ropes activities are similar to Low Ropes, its just that they occur at greater height (e.g., the Postman's Walk).  However in High Ropes there are also Ascending and Descending activities in addition to Traversing at height.  For example, Tree or Pole Climbing is a common method of Ascent and the he "zip line" or "flying fox" is a popular method of Descent (especially if you land in water on a hot day!). 

High Ropes activities tend to focus on confronting one's fears, emotional self-management, self-confidence, risk-taking, etc.  High Ropes activities tend to be for individual climbing, but there are some High Ropes activities, such as the Dangle Duo, which require pairs of people to climb together and help one another.

High Ropes activities often involves participants who are not climbing to take responsibility for belaying, communication and supporting some else who is climbing.  In this way, High Ropes courses can also be used to develop compassion, empathy, communication and cooperation amongst group members. 

Note that climbing wall sections are increasingly being incorporated into high ropes courses, blurring the distinction somewhat between artificial climbing walls and ropes challenge courses.