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James Neill
Last updated:
27 Jan 2008

What's New?

Does outdoor education work? 

In a nutshell...yes...but 

  • Outdoor education programs tend to have positive impacts on typically measured outcomes (such as self-confidence and team work skills) (Hattie, et al., 1997).
  • The positive effects of outdoor education programs are roughly equivalent to the effects of other innovative psychosocial interventions, but may be longer lasting (Hattie, et al., 1997).
  • However, there are large differences between the effects of different outdoor education programs and for different individuals.

Overviews of outdoor education research

About outdoor education research

Research & evaluation: General

What is Outdoor Education Research?

Outdoor education research is the systematic investigation of the theoretical principles and phenomena related to outdoor education.

Research = a process of systematic investigation, experimentation, and analysis.  Research seeks to throw light on theories of phenomena through applications of rigorous methods of investigation.  Research can be quantitative (involving analysis of numbers) or qualitative (involving analysis of words or artifacts).