Project Week Status
Orientation 1 orientated
OEG work experience 8 completed
Outdoor education references 1-17 6 topics completed
LEQ Spreadsheet → general ‘Adjust it yourself version’ 2-13 completed & corrected
LEQ Spreadsheet → ‘YAR PET version’ 7-13 completed
LEQ Spreadsheet → expand to 100 cases for Lorraine 13 completed
Construct analysis tool for Lorraine’s Past Student Survey 13 completed
RESEARCH: Outdoor Education in Germany 14 completed
EFQ - wiki-page research summaries on each factor (for OEG) 2-13 for ‘self’ completed
RESEARCH: Outdoor Education and Environmental Protection 14-16 completed
Publication of Helen Nkatha’s Study 16-17 maybe continuation from Germany
LEQ - Ingando research study 15-16 not possible!
[OBA data analysis] 17 maybe continuation from Germany
Proofreading/commenting on PhD Thesis Draft 2nd term


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