Programs to Install/Setup

Web 2.0 Applications

  • Firefox
    • buttons
    • Google Toolbar
  • Google Account
  • account

UC-ICT Links

Network Access

  • Staff ID = 421680 (s421680)
  • Get password on Tues by calling 6201 5500 and quoting name and password.
    • Login & change network access password - OPUS
    • UC staff email address will be
      • Set up to either fwd to personal email address or set up your email client to use your UC email account (use IMAP not POP3)
  • Set up UC Wireless on your laptop - Note: the UC instructions create a VPN connection via Internet Explorer - I think a better (more conventional) way to do this is to use the settings in the UC instructions but to create the VPN connection through the Win XP Control Panel - Configure a VPN Connection in Windows XP
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