2. Examples of Organisations & Educational Establishments

There is a large range of small and big companies and organisations which provide outdoor-based education in Germany. The majority of the programs are experiential education programs.
The following list is not exhaustive. It is rather a summarised cross-section of the offers which could be found on the internet at the time this overview was written.

Anders Lernen durch Erfahrung und Abenteuer (ALEA) GmbH

This company was founded in 1997 and offers a wide range of adventure based programs for companies and organisations. http://www.alea-consult.de/index_2.php

Bundesverband Erlebnispädagogik

Founded in 1992 this organisation tries to spread the thoughts of experiential education in practice and science. It offers a platform for communication for members as well as non-members. http://www.bundesverband-erlebnispaedagogik.de/be/

bsj Marburg e.V.

“Bsj Marburg e.V. is a non-profit youth organisation that works with the physical aspects and potentials of life styles. Body, movement and physical expression are the foci of our social work programmes. Outdoor Adventure Education and experiential learning activities are central aspects of our working agenda”. See more information here http://www.bsj-marburg.de/

Erleben Lernen Erfahren (ELE) e.V.

An organisation promoting experience, learning and adepting, located in Dortmund in the west of Germany. It offers a variety of outdoor activities for children, asolescents and adults, focusing on rock climbing. http://www.e-l-e.de/


“As a non-profit organisation we work in close cooperation with teachers and counsellors. Having four locations all over Germany we carry out school and team trips, weekend excursions or day activities for school classes, unions, apprentices, and for social groups like young people in need. For young adults we offer professional training on the job within the field of experiential learning. Teacher and every interested person can take part in accredited advanced education. With the name “erlebnistage.mobil” we are bringing experiential learning directly to you, to your school or organisation. Experiential education for us is more than a trendy word” (text derived from http://www.erlebnistage.de/en/index.htm on 21.05.07).


“Outdoor adventures are our passion; inspiring people is our business. Every year since 1986, we’ve sent over 30,000 guests on outdoor adventures and 5,000 youngsters on adventure camps. Organized around 200 company events and 150 management training courses. And built more high ropes courses than anyone else in the German-speaking region.
We make adventures fun. We care passionately about nature. And we work to the highest quality and safety standards in Europe. All of which means you and your outdoor adventure are always in good hands with us” (text derived from http://www.faszinatour.de/en/home.html on 22.05.07).


A company located in the western part of central Germany, offering outdoor programs, experiential education and team trainings for children and adolescents but also for corporate teams and families. The company’s stated goal is to provide flow-experiences through intense and challenging experiences. http://www.flowventure.de/index.html

horizonte - Erlebnispädagogik & Outdoortraining

‘Horizonte’ offers a variety of outdoor programs for children, youth and adults since 1996. It is located in south-west Germany and has an affiliated company specialised in personal development (Outdoor Consult). (http://www.horizonte-outdoor.de/)

Impuls Company Oberstdorf (ICO)

“ICO – The Impuls Company GmbH was established in 1994.
Vision as enterprise:
- We offer self–experience as well as active group dynamic for different target groups and we create the cognition process for economic and social network cores of life.
- We use hereby the learning field of nature as a valuable impulse” (text derived from http://www.impulscompany.de/webseite_e/index.shtml?navid=1 on 22.05.07).

Informationsdienst Erlebnispädagogik & Soziale Trainings

A huge source of information about experiential education and adventure-based learning created and administered by Michael Rehm. It provides links to many pages about experiential education and an exchange platform for news, jobs and courses in this area. http://www.erlebnispaedagogik.de/

List of adventure-based learning providers: list


Since 1994/1995 this company, located in south Germany, offers a variety of outdoor and team trainings for corporate teams and experiential educators who seek further training. http://www.kap-outdoor.de/

Outdoor Oberberg

Outdoor Oberberg, located in the western part of Germany, intents to enable children, adolescents and adults to experience and interact with nature. Self-responsible acting in the environment should be learned while experiencing the outdoors. http://www.outdoor-oberberg.de/


A company located near the center of Germany which educates outdoor and experiential education trainers. http://www.teo-ausbildung.de/

Outward Bound Deutschland

“To help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings” (text derived from http://www.outward-bound.org/about_sub1_mission.htm on 21.05.0). http://www.outwardbound.de/de.ueber-outward-bound/

ZERUM (Zentrum für Erlebnispädagogik und Umweltbildung)

A center for experiential education and environmental learning in Ueckermuende in the north-east of Germany. Amongst others programs for youth with & without disabilities, intercultural exchange and skill enhancement are offered. http://www.zerum-ueckermuende.de/

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