James survey check comments


  • these involve editing the html code
  • Include the full title of the study (e.g., from the ethics proposal)
  • Ensure consistent line spacing b/w paras
  • Make hyperlinks active (and force open in new tab/page)
  • Check spacing between words (its a little ragged twds the end)
  • Suggest change “Please Note: It is suggested that participants either print or save the aforementioned information.” to “Note: You may wish to print or save this page for your information”.
  • Remove bold in 1st lot of bullet-points (its not key info for the instructions)
  • Reduce line spacing in 2nd lot of bullet-points


  • Rename the sections from e.g., “10Demographics” to “Section 1: Demographics” or “Part 1, etc.”

Response table

  • The response table formatting runs outside the survey box margins on my screen; it will vary b/w computers so I think we will replace it with an image of the table which will display more consistently
  • A good way to create an image is using MSSnap
  • The image will then needed to be loaded onto the server by James
  • The image can then be displayed using some html code like this

<img src=”http://www.wilderdom.com/survey/images/LifeChangeResponseFormat.png” align=”center”> instead of the html table code.

  • The table could be prepared in MSWord and made to look exactly how you want (save this file) and then ‘captured’ as an image and saved (.png is best) using MWSnap. Then email both the MSWord file and the .png file to James who will upload. The MSWord file will only be used if we want to ‘redo’ the image.
  • Each of the 10 columns should be equidistant

Practice questions

  • Arrange these questions from easiest to hardest
  • Have you ever eaten AT A McDonald’s RESTAURANT?
  • Make completing these questions optional

Successful Change Attempt

  • Add bullets
  • Remove the bolded titles - i.e., just list the examples
  • I think it could be worth adding in a short text field above the paragraph answer; ask the respondent to indicate the ‘title’ or ‘in a few words, what was the successful attempt at personal change about?”. Then ask them to describe the circumstances and what happened in one to two paras.
  • Spelling of successful (”*To what extent do you believe this attempt at change was successfull?”)
  • It seems a bit odd to fill out the successful/unsuccessful questions on a 5 point vertical scale and then the confidence on a 10 point horizontal scale - I’d suggest shifting both to 10 point horizontal.
  • “Have you made previous attempts to make a similar personal change?” → mabye “Had you previously made similar attempts to change?”
  • Maybe give “Enactive Mastery Experience” a more euphemistic title
  • “Before the attempt to make the personal change” → maybe “this” personal change
  • Wording for “* In your attempt at personal change was there anyone who influenced you towards believing that you either: a) Possessed the capabilities to make the change; or b) Lacked the skills”. Its double-barrelled with a) and b) which can confuse; try to integrate e.g., did anyone positively or negatively influence your belief....
  • Response scale for “From the scale below please indicate this person’s level of support.” is 7pts. Suggest converting to image and consider making it 10pt for consistency.
  • Currently the negative/positive response scales are attached to the opposite questions; potential confusion could be used by using a single 10 point scale ranging from -ve to +ve for both questions. i.e., more like the response scale for “*From the scale below please indicate the OVERALL level of support you received from other people during this attempt to change.”
  • Physiological/Affective Factors: withdrawl
  • Maybe 10pt scale: “During your attempt to make the change, how would you have described your general mood?”


  • Need to set up separate surveys / options for collecting emails for voucher and/or credit and for study summaries
  • Check/review 2006 studies to see how this was done (e.g., Bec Kortge’s social engagement study)
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