Individual Differences

The Reddon-Simons "Rap" Test

Last updated:
02 Aug 2003

Redden, P. M., & Simons, J. A. (1986). Manual for the Redden-Simons "Rap" Test. Ankeny, IO: Des Moines Area Community College.

1. Don't play the dozens.

a. Don't gamble.

b. Don't talk about others' family members.

c. Don't try to stay up 'round the clock.

d. Don't date too many people at once.

2. She's a mary jane girl.

a. She smokes marijuana.

b. She's someone's pet project.

c. She has a pimp.

d. All of the above.

3. I got some new kicks.

a. I just got some good drugs.

b. I've just been in a fight.

c. I've got some good gossip for you.

d. I've got some new shoes.

4. Let me throw down on this plate.

a. Let me check the quality of this marijuana.

b. Let me snort some cocaine.

c. Let me finish eating.

d.Let me steal this car.

5. She's buffed.

a. She's got a cute rear-end.

b. She's overweight.

c. She's wearing leather.

d. She's got polished manners.

6. He bumped me.

a. He tried to start a fight.

b. He sold me bad drugs.

c. He missed my vein and injected dope into my muscles.

d. He took me on a date but brought somebody else home.

7. He's clean.

a. He's dressed up really nice.

b. He doesn't have any drugs on him.

c. He's off parole.

d. He doesn't snitch.

8. Dog food.





9. Dogs.




d.Tired-looking eyes.



b.Cocaine and heroine combination.

c.LSD with amphetamines.

d.Amphetamines and alcohol.

11.It's rock.

a.A musical style.

b.High-quality drugs.

c.A solid friendship.


12.Stop dippin'.

a.Get out of my drug supply.

b.Don't mess around on me anymore.

c.Quit being nosey.

d.All of the above. 

Scoring Sheet: Australian/American Test of Intelligence

    1. b

    2. d

    3. d

    4. c

    5. b

    6. c

    7. a

    8. a

    9. b

    10. b

    11. b

    12. c.