Individual Differences

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The Original Australian Test of  Intelligence

[Source unknown]

Last updated:
02 Aug 2003

These items relate to the culture of the Edward River Community in Far North Queensland

  1. What number comes next in the sequence, one, two, three, __________?

  2. How many lunar months are in a year?

  3. As wallaby is to animal so cigarette is to __________

  4. Three of the following items may be classified with salt-water crocodile.  Which are they?

       marine turtle   brolga   frilled lizard   black snake    (circle your answers)

  5. Which items may be classified with sugar?

       honey   witchetty grub   flour   water-lillies    (circle your answers)

  6. We eat food and we __________ water.

  7. Sam, Ben and Harry are sitting together.  Sam faces Ben and Ben gives him a cigarette.  Harry sits quietly with his back to both Ben and Sam and contributes nothing to the animated conversation going on between Sam and Ben.  One of the men is Ben's brother, the other is Ben's sister's child.  Who is the nephew?

       a. Sam  b. Harry  c. Ben    (circle your answer)

  8. Suppose your brother in his mid-forties dies unexpectedly.  Would you attribute his death to (circle your answer):

       a. God   b. Fate   c. Germs   D. No-one   e. Someone   f. Your brother himself

  9. You are out in the bush with your wife and young children and you are all hungry.  You have a rifle and bullets.  You see three animals all within range - a young emu, a large kangaroo and a small female wallaby.  Which should you shoot for food?

       a. Young emu   b. Large kangaroo   c. Small female wallaby (circle your answer)

  10. Why should you be careful of your cousins?

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