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The American/Australian Test of  Intelligence

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Last updated:
02 Aug 2003

Scoring Sheet: Australian/American Test of Intelligence

  1. Answer is 13.  Add 1 to the first number, then add 3, ,then 1, then 3, etc.

  2. Fifty-two

  3. Health - If you believe that germs cause illness and if you believe that absences of "filth" signifies the absence of germs.

  4. Lagoon, lake, pond

  5. All of these.  They are all measuring devices.

  6. 497.  Solution of this problem requires ability to count and sort some of concept of codes.

  7. Uncle.  Assumes conceptualization of European/Western familial relationships.

  8. For social control?  To see that people do not commit bigamy?  To see that closely related kinsfolk do not marry?  For statistical purposes?  To ensure that people who are under age do not marry?

  9. Post it.  However, a more practical line of action would be: open it to see if it contains anything of value, carefully remove the stamp for your own use and at least be 18c richer.  But in a highly acquisitive society principles of "honesty" (i.e. respect for unprotected property) have to be supported or society could easily break down (to the disadvantage of property owners).  Note the question asks "What is the thing to do...." not "What would you do...."  Again, the "correct" answer has a moral basis.

  10. Because they may influence your own behavior and get you into trouble.  However, this only correct if you believe that bad people influence good people and not vice versa, that people who behave badly should be isolated in the community.  Again, the "correct" answer has a moral basis.