Individual Differences

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The American/Australian Test of  Intelligence

[Source unknown]

Last updated:
02 Aug 2003

These questions have been taken from a selection of American and Australian intelligence tests.

  1. What number comes next in the following sequence:

       1   2   5   6   9   10   ___________

  2. How many weeks are in a year?   ___________

  3. Filthy is to disease as clean is to __________

  4. Three of the following may classified with pool.  What are they?

       lagoon   swamp   lake   marsh   pond (circle your answers)

  5. Which items may be classified with clock?

       ruler   thermometer   rainguage   tachometer (circle your answers)

  6. If BAD is written 214, how would you write DIG in the same secret writing? ______

  7. If Mary's aunt is my mother, what relation is Mary's father to my sister? _______

  8. Why does the state require people to get a license in order to get married?


  9. What is the thing to do if you find an envelope in the street that is sealed, addressed and has a new stamp?


  10. Why should you keep away from bad company?


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