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Outward Bound Bibliographies

James Neill
Last updated:
12 Aug 2003

  • Adventure Research Cache, Indiana University - this searchable cache includes abstracts for about 250 articles, many of which are on Outward Bound

  • James Neill's Outward Bound Publications - mostly empirical research papers examining Outward Bound outcomes, but also includes papers which philosophically reflect on the story of Ulysses (the origin of the Outward Bound motto, "to serve, to strive, and not to yield"), whether Outward Bound is becoming too safe, and autobiographical reflections on the essences of Outward Bound from a research perspective.

  • Outward Bound Australia Bibliography - lists the citations, abstracts and commentary on about 40 Outward Bound papers produced via the Australian Outward Bound School between 1969 and 1997

  • Outward Bound International Bibliography - a long list of references, most of which are related to Outward Bound, many of which aren't related too, which doesn't make for easy reading

  • Outdoor and Adventure Education Bibliographies - comprehensive list of other outdoor education research-related bibliographies