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James Neill
Last updated:
07 Dec 2005

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National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

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  • Word-of-mouth marketing firm does pro bono promotion for NOLS
    (PRweb Press Release, 14 January, 2005)
    The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS, USA) has gained a pro bono BzzAgent word-of-mouth marketing campaign.  NOLS is the renowned wilderness experience and leadership organization founded in 1965. The 12-week marketing program will engage the efforts of 3,000 volunteer "brand evangelists" across the USA in an effort to raise awareness of NOLS among outdoor enthusiasts, corporate executives, educators and aspiring leaders.


  • NOLS was founded by former Outward Bound (OB) instructor Paul Petzoldt in 1965 in the USA.  The original intention was to train people to become OB instructors.  In the 40 years since, NOLS has been the most popular organization for providing formal instruction in wilderness expedition skills.  NOLS programs are now conducted in a variety of  exotic locations in about 10 countries of the world, and is continuing to expand.  In recent years, NOLS has become more popular than OB in the USA.


  • NOLS research has ~20 pdf papers online, with a focus on environmental issues related to impacts of human outdoor activity and strategies for minimal impact, etc.