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Life Effectiveness Questionnaire:
A Research Tool for Measuring Personal Change

James Neill
Last updated:
15 Nov 2007

What is Life Effectiveness?

  • a person's capacity to adapt, survive and thrive
  • areas of personal development typically targeted by intervention programs

What is the LEQ?

  • a freely available self-report tool to assess life effectiveness
  • used for measuring changes in personal development as a result of intervention programs

What does the LEQ measure?

Time Management

 Social Competence

Achievement Motivation

Intellectual Flexibility

Task Leadership

Emotional Control

Active Initiative

Self Confidence

full list of LEQ domains

About Life Effectiveness

About the LEQ

Designing a Study

Dealing with Data


User Guide

Download the LEQ

Standard Version

Corporate Version

Youth at Risk Version

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LEQ eGroup Announcement

I am happy to help people out with individual Life Effectiveness Questionnaire (LEQ) enquiries, but I am struggling to keep up with responding personally to the volume of email enquiries I receive.  To improve support to the community of people using, or considering use of, the LEQ and related tools, I have set up an eGroup.  I will still try to reply personally to direct messages, but encourage general questions to be posted to the LEQ eGroup, which will also allow other people to respond with their experiences/suggestions.

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