About IQ Tests & IQ Testing

Last updated:
02 Aug 2005

About IQ Tests & IQ Testing

If you want to know your own IQ, here's the options...

  • Option 1: The Web: Hunt around on the net, but there's really only gimmick tests for free.  If you find a good one, let me know.  You can opt to pay, but you'll probably get sucked in to paying more than what its worth.  Sorry, but I teach psychology at university, and have spent several hours hunting around for a good, free, IQ test online and it doesn't seem to exist.  But I'm an optimist too - so try:
  • Option 2: Buy Eysenck's book "Know Your Own IQ": Low cost, good quality, and quite accurate.  The book has all the questions and scoring, etc. and is readily available, a small, cheap paperback.  Its been around since the 1960's and is by one of the all-time most respected psychological gurus (though somewhat controversial) on intelligence testing.
  • Option 3: Get a Professional IQ Test: If you go to a psychologist, they can administer a formal one-on-one intelligence test, such as the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) (there's a children's version too), or the Raven's Progressive Matrices.  These results are generally very reliable and well-respected.  A test like the WAIS also gives IQ scores on many different sub-scales.

Be aware that intelligence (IQ) only has a small correlation with things like career success and happiness. So, you may also be interested to read "Why Intelligent People Fail".