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This site provides resources about outdoor education and related programs and methods, such as residential camping, experiential education, environmental education, and adventure therapy.

The site tries to emphasize international understandings of outdoor education and perspectives from various disciplines and viewpoints.


The site is primarily designed to appeal to those  interested in learning about how human's learn through experience, particularly experiences of the adventurous kind.

This site is mostly used by outdoor and experiential education professors, teachers, practitioners, & students, as well as social science researchers, psychologists & social workers, and interested others.


To enhance the quality and accessibility of philosophy, theory, research, & evaluation about outdoor, experiential education & related programs.



To provide online access to academic resources such as articles, essays, papers, and theses about  philosophical, theoretical, research, and evaluation aspects of outdoor education.


The site focuses on 4 main areas -- philosophy, theory, research, & evaluation aspects of outdoor education & related programs.  User-friendly summaries of the main topics are provided, along with on-line links to full-text articles and further information.  In addition, the site provides practical resources such as as descriptions of games and  activities, job listings, conferences, and training.


How to Contribute

Others are welcome to submit material or links to related content.  If you are interested in  submitting your work, also check information in "Writing & Publishing on the Web: Some Hows & Whys".



A more indepth introduction to how this site was developed and its plans for the future can be found in the Preface.


Roger Greenaway wrote a 2002 review.

Claire Forest wrote a 2003 review.



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This site has been largely designed and written by James Neill, a former Outward Bound instructor who has lectured and researched in psychology and outdoor education at the University of Canberra in Australia and the University of New Hampshire in the USA.  More information about the author.


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