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Warp Speed

Description of a Teambuilding Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
12 Oct 2009

Warp Speed

  • Warp Speed is a Group Juggle spin-off activity to focus on problem-solving and teamwork.

  • Extends the common Group Juggle icebreaker/name game to a team building exercise by asking participants how fast they can pass the ball to everyone (including saying names).  Groups can tender a time and then try to deliver. Push them to go even faster.

  • Use the set up & instructions as for Group Juggle, but probably not emphasizing names.

  • Challenge the group to see how fast it can juggle one ball around the whole group.  Time the group, and ask them to "tender" for how fast they think they can really do it.

  • Explain that the tender is like a business tender - they must put in a really good bid, but they must be able to deliver.

  • Allow time for discussion and planning.

  • Then ask them what their tender is & then ask them to deliver it.

  • If they make it, then ask them to think again, because they undersold themselves.  Ask them to come up with a new tender which better reflects their capabilities as a group.

  • If they don't make it, then ask them to discuss what went wrong, and say you'll give them a second chance to make their tender.

  • Generally requires debriefing.

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  • 15 tossable items in mesh stuff sack with directions
  • Several soft balls or throwable objects-The more, the merrier!
  • Time

      ~15 minutes



    A team building exercise based on the icebreaker "Group Juggle".  Groups are challenged to juggle as fast as possible.  Invite group to "tender" a time they can deliver.