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Seed Flower Stretch

Description of a Physical Warm-Up Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
29 Jan 2005

Seed Flower Stretch

  • This is a fun, physical, group warmup activity which works with all ages.

  • In a circle, demonstrate being a seed (crouched and hunched as much as possible).

  • Everyone adopts the seed position.

  • Then imagine that you are slowly going to grow into a flower.

  • The idea is to grow as slowly as possible, which is very challenging, e.g., people will experience thigh burn and are usually to do things fast.  This forces a mental slow down so really emphasize that its about growing as slowly as possible.

  • However, as the instructor, make sure you grow about as fast as the fastest person, so you call demo and talk people through the first time.

  • Encourage people to stand right up on their tippy toes, arms completely outstretched, face oriented to the sun.  Hold it.....

  • Then relax.....Now we are going to do it again, the time though, grow just a tiny bit faster.  Still very slow.

  • Then repeat, a little faster this time.

  • Do it again, a little faster again.  About this time, encourage people to let out a big sigh as they are flowering, then relax.

  • Next time, a bigger sigh.  And maybe another time, really big sigh, and a little jump in the air.

  • Then do it faster, this time jumping into the air and letting out a big "ahhh!"

  • Then ask if everyone can do it together, in unison.  Then try again, for the big finale - their best jumps and cries.

  • By the end of this simple activity people are laughing physically stretched and aerobically warm and they've got a good solid dose of sunlight in their faces which helps to wake them up.



  • The classic yoga "sun salute" is a more advanced alternative.  The "sun salute" (or surya namaskar) is a relatively straightforward sequence of movements that can be readily taught.  Here is a more information.





A quiet field in the morning is ideal. 
Can be indoors.

Total ~ 5-10 minutes.

Brief description:

Fun physical warmup.  In a circle, everyone starts as a small seed (crouched, hunched), then slowly sprouts and grows, eventually flowering towards the sun (tippy toes, arms outstretched).  Repeat, getting faster each time, leading eventually to seeds in unison jumping into the air and letting out loud "ahhhs"!