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Secret Smells
Environmental Game & Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
29 May 2004

By Dusan Bartunek & Ivana Turcova
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Secret Smells


smell perception, learning different smells


different kinds of natural smells (flowers, fruits, needle leaves, moss, etc.), blindfolds


Prepare 6 to 15 different aromatic natural substances (needle leaves, blooms, fruits, moss, bark, cones, etc.) into cloth sacks and arrange them in a row one next to each other. Individual players try to recognise what sort of substance it is only by smelling. They cannot touch the things. Finally, count a number of correctly determined smells of each player and declare a winner.


* Put all substances together into one pack or dish. Players try to make different heaps according to different smells.

 * Everyone covers one´s eyes with a blindfold. Take several aromatic smells (vinegar, perfume, eucalyptus, lemon, etc.) and perfume everyone on his/her neck, so that there is a same number of players with the same smell. The task is to get into groups of the same smells only by smelling each other.


Find a place without obstacles, with even and clean surface.