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Natural Orchestra
Environmental Game & Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
29 May 2004

By Dusan Bartunek & Ivana Turcova
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Natural Orchestra


Creative engagement with nature, musical sense, and group activity


Small pieces of wood, sticks, stones, dry branches, small branches, cones, blades of grass, reed, hay, etc.


Everyone tries to find a musical instrument in woods. It should make a characteristic sound and it has to be made only from natural substances (e.g. you can clap with sticks or stones, crackle with dry grass or cones, blow in blades of grass, etc.).

Then everyone introduces his/her own musical instrument and sounds that it makes. You introduce a conductor and arrange instruments on a “platform” into groups according to a type of instrument (drums, the brass section, first/second violin, string instruments, accompaniment, etc.). The conductor conducts by a baton the rhythm and volume. The orchestra can play in this way different kinds of songs, even demanding musical compositions.


Get people into small teams. They make their own small orchestras and learn one piece of music. Then they play it to the other groups, which try to guess what it was.  

Environmental Safety

Ask participants to suggest what kinds of materials may be appropriate or not appropriate to gather from an environmental point of view e.g., avoid breaking live materials or small habitats.  Use only materials lying on the ground, etc. or that which regenerates easily e.g., grass.