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Name Pantomime

Description of Name Game/Icebreaker Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
20 Jul 2004

Name Pantomime

  • Participants stand in a circle, arms distance apart.  Ask each person to think of an verb and action which starts with the same letter as the person's first name e.g., "Jumping James".

  • The person does the action and yells out their action-name.  Everyone then repeats the action and the action-name.

  • This requires pretty high level of instructor energy and drama, people are pretty shy to start with. Really encourage everyone to join in and say the name and action of everyone else.

  • To really drill names home, go around again, it should be faster and really get the blood moving.

  • For participants who say "I can't think of anything", I say "Keep thinking, we'll come back to you".  If they still don't come up with anything, I ask the group to help.

  • Note I don't allow duplicate verbs either - must use a unique verb.

Equipment: None

Time: ~10-15 minutes

Brief Description:

A physically and socially stimulating activity for dramatically introducing oneself and learning people's names.