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Hug A Tree

Description of an Environmental Education Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
27 Aug 2004

Hug A Tree

  • Start on a track in a pleasant forested area.

  • This activity works well as a break during a hike.

  • The purpose is to get people engaged in non-visual, intimate encounter with trees, as well as the terrain.

  • The activity also works well as a trust-building activity.

  • The groups needs reasonable maturity, such that the blindfolded people are cared for (golden rule: a blindfolded person must always be holding someone else's hand - or a tree) - watch out for careless guiding especially from macho males.

  • For mature groups, a briefing may be enough; for less mature groups, do a demonstration.

  • In pairs, one is blindfolded. The blindfolded person is to be the tree-hugger. 

  • The tree-hugger is lead through the trees and then placed next to a special tree. The tree-hugger touches the tree and tries to memorize its size, shape, location, texture, etc.

  • The tree-hugger person is lead back to the starting point, takes his/her blindfold off and tries to locate his/her tree.

  • Swap.  Usually participants like to have a couple of turns at being blindfolded and trying to find a tree.





Forested area.  Blindfolds.

Total ~ 10-30 minutes. Plus to location.  Discussion (optional) ~ 10 min.

Brief description:

In a forested area, pairs take turns being blindfolded, lead to a tree (for touch and feel) and then lead away.  After removing the blindfold, the tree hugger tries to locate his/her tree.


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